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    Excellence in clinical care for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

    Enhancing knowledge of ME

    Developing Best Practice

    Using latest research to diagnose and treat people with ME

    EMECC statement

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    Combining clinical experience with pathobiology of ME

    Clinicians sharing knowledge of ME

    Clinical guidance for researchers

    Using latest research to diagnose and treat people with ME

    A bridge in Europe between clinicians and

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    Trusted source for clinical experience in ME

    Supporting healthcare agencies

    Influencing peers and colleagues

    Interacting with Researchers

    Speaking at conferences on ME

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    European clinicians treating ME patients

    A translational biomedical research strategy

    Building capacity to treat ME

    Listening to patient voices

    Working with

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ME Diagnosis Treatments Guidelines

Developing/using latest research to diagnose and treat people with ME.
Many in EMECC are also in the European ME Research group (EMERG) as researchers and this allows a close working relationship between ME clinicians and ME researchers which forms the cornerstone of translational biomedical research into ME.

The clinicians in EMECC represent the best knowledge base to advise national agencies on the development of high quality clinical care and diagnostic guidelines. EMECC can be a stakeholder in guidelines development.

By working together across Europe and bringing the best expertise available to treatment of ME then relevant, timelay and accurate education is able to be developed and distributed thus improving knowledge of GPs and healthcare systems, for the benefit of patients.

Working with EMERG to build a bridge in Europe between clinicians and biomedical researchers.
By combining the clinical experience with the pathobiology obtained via EMERG there may be derived plausible reasons for prioritising different research for either proof of concept studies or RCTs.

Work In Progress by EMECC

Integrating Clinical Expertise into Research and Treatment of ME

EMECC was established to build a network of clinicians in Europe who can support each other and work together, and do it immediately. Bringing together the knowledge of experienced clinicians on clinical sub topics related to ME and providing patients, carers, clinicians and the researchers the most up to date information is a critical outcome.

EMECC is harnessing the experience of existing European clinicians who treat ME and creating a network of scalable clinical expertis.
It is important for experienced clinicians to share their knowledge on diagnostic and treatment methods and produce documentary aids for the research community focused on clinician-guided treatment trials, identification of possible illness subsets, and observations of illness presentation.


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